Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Frostborn Giveaway and Interview

The magnificent Marjorie Liu, talented author and comic book scribe and all around wonderful person, kindly interviewed me over the weekend for her blog. We talk about POV, travel, and she gets me to list a number of potentially surprising facts about myself you may not have heard before. What's more, Marjorie is hosting a GIVEAWAY CONTEST. Leave your name in the comments of her blog to win a copy of Frostborn!The contest ends September 5th and has to be restricted to US residents, but please drop by her blog, read the interview, and enter!

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Tom Doolan said...

Good interview, man! I must have been influenced by you at some point, because I recently wrote a 1000-word story for a Grimdark contest, and I named my hero Karn. Only, mine's kind of a "working class Conan" in my mind. :)