Monday, December 29, 2014

Fate Accelerated

Last night and this morning, I very quickly breezed through Fate Accelerated, essentially a super condensed version of the Fate Core System from Evil Hat Productions.

It's a short book - 50 pages - that serves as a good introduction to Fate gaming concepts. I've read both this and (most of) the full Fate Core rules and I'm intrigued. Fate is a very loose and story-oriented system, in contrast to what this Old School Gamer is used to, but I think it would make for fast, fun play. This book itself is a little too short - I'd like more examples of the concepts at work, but then that's what the full Fate Core RPG manual is for.

Also, I really like Evil Hat's aesthetic. The product has a fun, pulp adventure, cinematic vibe to it that seems open and inviting and welcoming of newbies. I like that maybe as much or more than the promise of the system itself. But Fate is certainly a fresh approach to RPGs and worth checking out.

And with a lot of their products Pay What You Want on, that's pretty easy to do.


JP said...

I agree Lou, it's certainly more storied oriented than what I'm used to. I just downloaded FATE and FAE a couple of weeks ago and I've been reading the core rules. That said, I like the idea of being more fluid and extemporaneous during play. There's also a ton of FATE settings that I've recently seen.

I'm thinking of doing a quick write up on some of the cool FATE settings:
Eclipse: Phase
Mass Effect (fan created)

There's a ton.

JP said...

I see Bundle of Holding is selling the Eclipse: Phase setting for a good deal, if you're interested.

Lou Anders said...

Thanks. I backed their kickstarter and got a ton of Evil Hat product as a result, and have picked up a a few more since. I'm hoping to dive in to playing it soon, as it seems a good system to start my children on (and kid friendly - accessible).