Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Frostborn, Day Two

So, one day past Frostborn'sdebut, and the interweebs are booming.

Publishers Weekly, who also gave Frostborn a Starred Review, selected it for one of only eleven PW Picks: Books of the Week, August 4, 2014. They write, "Though a lot of elements are in play, Anders ties the novel’s threads together in a neatly satisfying way, crafting a powerful, fast-paced tale."

io9 selected Frostborn for their list "All the Amazing Must-Read Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Books for August."

I answer questions like what is my Patronus and what my favorite sandwich is on's The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe, go into my story's origins in "On the Conception of a World and Birth of a Giant" on Suvudu, and also on Suvudu, discuss trends in "The Truth about Trends."

I am interviewed by Dave Gross for his Creative Colleagues series, and also at My Bookish Ways.

And there's a contest running on Pat's Fantasy Hotlist.

The wonderful John Freeman reviewed Frostborn for SciFi Pulse, calling it "a terrific debut novel in what I’m sure is going to be a great trilogy, crammed with action and adventure, believable characters you can genuinely care about and some wonderfully funny moments as Karn and Thianna battle all manner of foes, including the undead and a really petulant dragon," and adding, "I’m looking forward to the TV series/ films, the game, the figurines… because I can see them coming!"

Fantasy Literature calls Frostborn, "a sweet middle grade story" and says, "Middle Grade readers are sure to love Frostborn and, as an adult, I liked it, too. It’s an exciting fantasy adventure and I’m looking forward to the next THRONES & BONES novel. I listened to Listening Library’s audio version which is 8½ hours long and narrated by Fabio Tassone, a European actor. He gave a great performance. I’ll definitely choose this format for the sequel."

The Librarian of Snark was very unsnarky when they wrote, "I will definitely be recommending this to my fantasy-loving tweens and I think it will easily find its audience."

Mom Read It says, "I thoroughly enjoyed this book; fans of mythology-based fantasy will, too. Anders is a Hugo Award-winning editor; this is his first book, and kicks off a promising fantasy series that will appeal to boys and girls alike. I love that Karn is a 'gamer' – and so are other characters in the book, which will appeal to gamer boys and girls out there, who try to explain to their disapproving parents that games help sharpen their mental acuity. The characters have rich backgrounds, with the promise of more to be revealed in future books, and Anders’ description of various terrain is so vivid, I could feel the chill of the frozen land of the frost giants. If you’ve got middle graders looking for a fantasy series along the lines of Kelley Armstrong’s Blackwell Pages, this is a great place to steer them. The book hits stores today – go get your copy!"

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