Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Some more news roundup

Frostborn is a week old today. And the good things just keep happening.

Powells.com, Portland's giant independent bookstore chain, has just selected Frostborn as one of their Staff Picks! Richard C. of Powells.com writes, "Drawing on Norse legends is the first of a series involving Karn, a farm boy who would rather play board games, and Thianna, a half-frost giantess. They join together to battle trolls, walking dead, and a fire-breathing dragon. This is a wonderful summer read filled with humor and adventure."

Storytime Hooligans called Frostborn "A great addition to public and upper elementary/middle school libraries" and said that, "When a writer pack a fantasy novel with this many mythological elements, the resulting book can feel like a checklist instead of a story. Anders, however, knows how to create a believable backstory and personality for each species and individual, resulting in an exciting pseudo-Norse world in which our heroes may romp."

And Black Gate is kindly hosting a guest blog from me where I discuss my fantasy-upbringing in "Why I Write What I Write How I Write It."

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